The Dynasty's Reunion Show at Reptile Palace

Saturday, April 20 was one of the rarest events in Oshkosh music. While the Reptile Palace is known for its DIY-styled shows and regular events, this evening's lineup included local supergroup The Dynasty. The band includes members of Haunted Heads, Wisconsin Magic, and Redshift Headlights (who also played that night). Post-punk trio The Present Age opened the night; a fourth set from Milwaukee's Hughes Family Band added even more variety and talent to the show's roster. It's yet to be seen if The Dynasty will resurface once again any time soon, but we thankfully were able to capture the event nonetheless.

Here's a bit more insight into what you missed.

The Present Age

The Present Age brings their brand of moody indie rock to Oshkosh's Reptile Palace
Logan Lamars of The Present Age focused on maintaining the drum groove
The Present Age were part of a four-band set at the Reptile Palace
Oshkosh-based The Present Age are certainly not rookies to the local scene. Along with releasing several singles and several larger works, they also played at this year's Water City Racket Fest. Their energetic, perhaps quirky, live performances are captivating, their songwriting continues to mature, and their ambition is admirable. You'll want to keep an eye on these gentlemen over the rest of the year as they work on their next full-length.

The Dynasty

The Dynasty reunite for a special show at the Reptile Palace
The Dynasty is consists of several Oshkosh veteran musicians
The Reptile Palace is a prime venue for punk and indie bands in Oshkosh
A packed crowd welcomed The Dynasty for their first performance in years
If you haven't heard of The Dynasty, it's not hard to see why. The band has been quiet for several years, as each member is involved in other musical endeavors. Nonetheless, they represent a strong intersection of influences you'd come to expect to expect from folks who have been playing in punk, grunge, and alternative bands for years. The Reptile Palace has a great atmosphere but is undeniably a bit of a cramped space, and the turnout for The Dynasty only made the venue even more packed. It was certainly a rare occasion, and those who weren't able to attend had a fair share of remorse. We don't know what's next for The Dynasty, but you'll want to check them out in the meantime. 

Hughes Family Band

Hughes Family Band made their Oshkosh debut at Reptile Palace
Members of Redshift Headlights joined Hughes Family Band on trumpet
Hughes Family Band is a newer ensemble from Milwaukee with a groovy, alternative country flair. Their down-to-earth approach and upbeat songs gives us a sense this band isn't afraid to have fun. This collective of artists is still fairly new and most of the band's songs are still unreleased. However, this certainly isn't Top 40's country by any stretch and if you appreciate independent music that doesn't take itself too seriously, you'll want to check out Hughes Family Band. As an added bonus, members of Redshift Headlights joined in on trumpet on the final song of the set as a great example of collaboration in the local scene.

Redshift Headlights

Redshift Headlights managed to fit their entire band on the stage at Reptile Palace
Redshift needs no introduction for any fan of music in Oshkosh, especially given they've titled their sophomore album after the city itself. Somehow, they managed to fit their six-person ensemble of guitar, bass, drums, synth, trumpet, and vibraphone on the stage and no microphones were harmed during their set. Their captivating, layered use of instrumentation has made the one of our favorite bands to see (and work with).
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