Oshkosh Main Street Music Festival Recap

Two weeks, Oshkosh saw one its biggest musical events of the year. Oshkosh Main Street Music Festival has been an annual tradition for the past several years, and its timing is strategically aligned to coincide with EAA AirVenture. The four-day event ran from July 24-27. Of course, the largest day of the event was Saturday, with musicians performing most of the day. 

Stylistically, the festival is more inclusive than many local counterparts. There was a "metal night" at Twisted Roots, funk and jam bands played the main stage by Peabody's, and a spattering of other artists were strewn across venues up and down Main Street. 

We had the pleasure of covering the festival and definitely enjoyed seeing local favorites and new bands alike. Many of the performers are from Oshkosh, Appleton, and Green Bay. A couple larger touring acts played as well, primarily at the larger venues. 

Here's a breakdown of some of what you missed. 
Wisgo performs at Peabody's main stage


Wisgo is a high-energy jam/funk band featuring many Fox Valley personalities all in one place. Their tight performances are defined by prominent saxophone and fiddle parts. It's a would-be roots rock super group, if such a thing were to exist.
Redshift Headlights played at Barley and Hop's

Redshift Headlights

This six-person team of multi-instrumentalists is yet another staple in the local scene, melding an indie rock core with trumpet, marimba, and guitar effects for a sound that is consistently alluring. 
Good Night Gold Dust at Oshkosh Main Street Music Festival

Good Night Gold Dust

This Mankato-based has close ties to the Fox Valley and have performed at a number of festivals to date. Their unique blend of punk, indie, and dreamy electronica set them apart from many of their peers.
Veseria at Oshkosh Main Street Music Festival


Indianapolis-based five-piece Veseria presents a unique blend of punk, alt-rock, and experimental indie. Vocal harmonies and trumpet segments abound, making them one of the more unique bands. 
Cave Paintings at Barley and Hops

Cave Paintings

Appleton's Cave Paintings just put out an EP a few months back, and you should check it out. Big things are certainly on the way for this band. 
Shoobie live at Oshkosh Main Street Music Fest


Shoobie's surfy emo textures are definitely not a secret to the Oshkosh DIY community. The band has a big pull from the college scene and regularly plays in smaller venues like Jambalaya and New Moon.  
Of course, this is only a small subset of the bands that played. We could go and on about the talent we saw but we're not sure we'd do it justice. With that said, more coverage is on the way (there's a video in the works) and hopefully we're able to collaborate more closely with some of these artists as time goes on! 
Hunter performs with Wisgo
Solar Max guitar solo
Good Night Gold Dust drummer
Asumaya carefully crafts songs with layered loops
The Raglanders perform on Peabody's Main Stage
Hunter of Wisgo performs a guitar solo
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