Maleski Wedding Gallery

I had a lot of fun celebrating the marriage of Andrew and Ali earlier this month. It was a long, exciting, and emotional day. There were a lot of challenges to capturing the event (mostly consisting of quick location changes, lots of walking, and many timely moments), the end result is a set of photos and a video that tells the story of the day flawlessly.
Ali's hairpiece in leaves
Ali gets her hair done at Absolute Transformation Salon
Hairpiece in hands
The day started out bright and early with hair at Absolute Transformation Salon in Oshkosh on Ohio Street. While Ali got her hair done, there was plenty of time to preview the dress, veil, and hairpiece. The staff were helpful and attentive which made the process smooth for Ali and got the day off to a great start. 
Andrew and groomsmen
Andrew gets help with his pocket square
Andrew poses with a groomsman
Candid of Andrew walking
Andrew carries a groomsman on his back
The men gathered near the Paine at a park for photos. It was a nice day out, if not a bit warm, which made for some great shots and a relaxed vibe from the wedding party.
The women get ready
The flower girl has her hair done
The girls try to beat the heat
Ali finishes getting ready
The ladies were staying at an Airbnb nearby. This was the main center of activity for much of the morning. Much of the time here was spent getting everyone ready, and there were a laughs, smiles, and shenanigans to brighten the day
Dress first look with Ali
Ali and bridesmaids
Ali walking down the stairs
First look with dad
The first look was a very emotional moment for the bridesmaids, leaving Ali in tears. Soon after, her father arrived for another precious moment.
Ali and Alexandria smiling
Ali and parents
Ali and Lindsey
Ali and flower girl
Backs of the dresses
Ali and wedding party
The ladies took their photos in the same spot the men had been earlier in the day. The scenic backdrop of leaves and flowers made for some awesome contrast in the photos and complemented the fern theme of the hairpieces.
Ali walking down the aisle
Andrew hugs Ali's dad
Andrew worshiping
The couple exchange rings
First kiss
Andrew and Ali celebrate
Ali hugs guests
Lexi signs marriage certificate
The couple stare at the church
The highlight of the day is the ceremony itself. It was everything you'd expect - lots of congregational singing, preaching, guest speeches, and the big kiss. There were a ton of details to catch, from the walk down the aisle to the signing of the wedding certificate. It was a huge celebration with the couple's family and friends.
Andrew and Ali kiss at dinner
Picture wall
Andrew and Ali dance
The night wrapped with great food, memories, and dancing at the UW campus in Fond Du Lac. It was a great day full of unforgettable moments and I'm grateful to have helped the couple by capturing the day. You can view the final video below: 
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