Oshkosh Into the Night Recap

Night markets have become more and more common over the past few years, with Appleton and Green Bay (and other cities in the Fox Valley) all hosting their own variations. They're a popular alternative to farmer's markets, showcasing a variety of local talent in the form of music, fire performers, dancers, and more. Of course, craft and food tents are in no short supply, either, so night markets are a great way to unwind after a long day. 

Recently, Oshkosh debuted its own night market, called Oshkosh Into the Night. Fools and Lovers and Northsoul were two of the musical acts and, while vastly different in style, each brought a unique spark of life to the event. Camels, aerial dancers, painters, and more adorned the Opera House Square for the evening. The sunset was a bit late so it ultimately felt like an evening market, but this only lent toward a family-friendly atmosphere. 
Northsoul performing at Oshkosh Into the Night
A vendor sells drinks at Oshkosh Into the Night
Fools and Lovers were one of the main acts at Oshkosh Into the Night
There were also plenty of night market staples - the most notable being the crew of fire performers that have been at a majority of the local markets. They're certainly one of the most captivating fixtures of the Fox Valley and the darkness only makes their performances more captivating. 

Oshkosh might be a bit of a late entry into the night market party but the city isn't slowing down, with several other Oshkosh Into the Night events already scheduled for July 17 and September 19. The weather was great the first time around and hopefully it'll keep up for the next two iterations as well. Check out our gallery of images below and make sure to stop by Opera House Square in the evening on the dates above!
Aerial dancer performs in Opera House Square
A creative tip jar made for musicians
An craft display at a vendor's tent
Camel spotted at Oshkosh Into the Night
A fire breather stuns the crowd at Oshkosh Into the Night
One of the Fox Valley's finest fire performers spins a flaming hula hoop
A backdrop of Oshkosh Into the Night
A street performer at Oshkosh Into the Night
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